Posted: 12 December, 2014 by Dan Hill

Cop Goes Out Of His Way To Help Poor Mum

Police Chief Writes A Letter Of Commendation For Going The Distance

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In October this year, a police chief from the city of North Bend in Oregon wrote this letter of commendation to a police officer, who went out of his way to help a mum he encounters at a domestic.

Here’s what the letter said -

“On Friday, October 3, 2014, you responded to a domestic violence call where a male was arrested for striking his pregnant girlfriend. While another officer transported the male to the county jail, you continued assisting the family. You learned that during the scuffle, a bowl of noodles was thrown, wasting the only food this pregnant woman's two year-old son was to have for the day. You further learned that the woman only had some grapes and one diaper left for the entire weekend. They had no money and no transportation to a food pantry. In your report, you indicate, "I made some arrangements to ensure that ___ had enough food and diapers to get her through a few days." Yesterday, I learned what you really did when you "made arrangements."

Enlisting the help of your wife, you gathered some items from your church's food pantry and from your own home pantry. While your wife gathered these things, you went to the grocery store and, using your own money, filled your cruiser with food and staples like bread, milk, eggs, fruit, and diapers. The mother cried as you delivered her groceries.

Officer Kinney, the only reason I knew about the kinds acts of you and your wife was because another police department's employee's family member saw you at the grocery store. You were content not having anyone else knowing about your actions. I am not.

Your selfless acts are the epitome of human kindness and an example for the rest of us. Thank you for going the distance. I am so proud to work with you!”

Tags: Scoopla, life, Police Officer, Help

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