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Hamish Blake’s Row Ho Ho Christmas Fundriaser

A Guest Post from Hamish Blake:

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To raise funds for The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal I have agreed to a bet a friend has challenged me to.

Were it not for a good cause, I would have definitely not signed up.

On December 7th, I shall do a marathon (42km) on no one’s favourite piece of exercise equipment, an indoor rower, in an event snappily named “Row Ho Ho”.

Please sponsor me to such a level that during the third or fourth hour of rowing my guilt at the thought of giving up outweighs my pain and exhaustion, and also, help make the people who are feeling nervous about even being able to have a Christmas this year know that there are strangers out there that want them to have a great day.

Donate Here:

1. Click the image of Hamish below.
2. Select a ‘Christmas Donation Stocking’ or enter a donation amount.
3. Enter in your credit card details.
4. Confirm and share to Facebook or Twitter.

To support Hamish Blake and to encourage others to donate to Row Ho Ho, make sure you share your donation through Facebook or Twitter.

Visit Shout for Good to find out more about Shout and their charity partners.

Tags: Scoopla, Hamish Blake, Row Ho Ho

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