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Make Addie's Last Christmas Special

You can make one little girl's wish come true...

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Often when you see someone going through a rare illness, the feelings are completely overwhelming and you feel powerless to help.

But you can help six-year-old Addie Faust, who is suffering from a rare terminal brain condition, to have an experience that would make her life genuinely better.

Addie LOVES Christmas, and her family wants to make what will most likely be the last Christmas she can remember completely special by encouraging people to send her a whole lifetime’s worth of Christmas cards - preferably handmade! Amber Brosig, the trustee from Children and the Earth Inc. (who are assisting the family) explains:

"Obviously, you can go to Hallmark and get the ones that play music or this or that, but the handmade ones—or artwork, if you have a child—is even more special for the family, though, of course, they are just grateful for it all.”

To add to the family’s troubles, Addie’s sisters Shayley and Audree have just lost their biological father, so cardmakers are being encouraged to address their contributions to all three girls.

We encourage you to get behind this - imagine how amazing it would be for Addie and her family to get a sack full of cards from Australia!

Send your cards to:

Addie Lynn and Sisters
P.O. Box 162
Fountain Green, UT 84632

Learn more about Addie at her Facebook page.


Tags: Addie, Addie Faust, Addie Lynn, Children and the Earth, Shayley, Audree

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