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The Aussie Letter That Has Caused Facebook Comment Chaos

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This is the note that was posted on Little Lattes Facebook page two days ago with the caption "Just in case you need to justify your actions this festive season."

But what was meant as some light hearted fun, has turned into the beginning of the end for some people who have commented on the post.

There were those who were expert mathematicians like Mei who commented "Wow do the math... that's some super cheap cartons of beer!! Where can you buy beer so cheap? If a cartoon [sic] of beer was on average $45 and you get 10c back for each recycle... Hmm..."

Justin was obviously top of his class, pointing out that "$214 @ 10c a can means 2140 cans...for $ $0.46 a can/bottle...where do i get some of that."

Then it was over to those who were confused about the geography of Australia such as Tahnee who wrote "Except we don't get money for recycling? Maybe in South Australia but that's one of 7 states."

Simon was quick to set the record straight and reveal that "Australia only has 6 states."

Tahnee posted an image of the map of Australia to point out that there are "5 states and 3 territories. Equals 8. And SA is the only one that's pays for recycled items. So this picture would only refer to them and people who don't use the metric system."

Now it was time for a lesson in the metric system from Lexie who wrote "Who in Aussie uses gallons to measure their consumption and mileage. Only Americans use gallons and miles. Australians use litres and kilometres."

Richard wasn't going to let this one slide, "haha Lexie some older ( more mature ) aussies still use miles and gallons."

Craig was confused by it all, writing "umm i think it is just a joke lol."

The comments were even more fun to read than the actual letter in the end.

Little Lattes, we salute you!

Tags: Note, Australia, Drinking

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