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What Does Your Chosen Airplane Seat Say About You?

Aisle Lover Or Window Dweller? A Psychologist Weighs In!

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Could your ideal airplane seat selection say more about you than you think? That’s what psychologists are saying.


A recently released study says that choosing your airline seat is an opportunity to have some control over what could be a potentially stressful environment –  even if it means paying a little bit more for the privilege!

New research based on surveys of frequent flyers and travel experts reveals a clear link between personality type and seat position.  So what does your pick say about you?

Window Seat Lovers:

You value your privacy -  you have one solid wall on your side meaning you are less affected by the behaviour of people around you.

It could also mean you are a nester – having your own wall makes it a lot easier to create your own personal space – you can rest your head against it, sleep, and feel “at home".

Window seat lovers can also be deemed “dreamers” who enjoy staring out the window, suggesting you’re open to new experiences.

Aisle Seat dwellers:

You love stretching your legs out first and foremost!  But you also have to deal with other people’s needs (overhead lockers anyone?) and are in the prime position for elbow-jabbing.

So what do you value? Control and power, says Psychologist Mary Connell. 

You’re in the best place to talk to flight attendants and you control your seatmates  - if they want to hit the loo it’s at your whim. You can set the tone – whether it’s friendly and chatty or sober and grumpy. 

You are also free – free to use the bathroom whenever you choose and free to take a stroll when you feel the need. If there’s a crash you’re more likely to escape first and you can get up first when the plane lands. 

The space to stretch your legs the aisle seat is also the prime position for claustrophobics.

Middle Seat Slouchers

Are you a saint? Most of the time a person would only choose the middle seat if they are with friends, family or a partner and they are doing it to help another person.

An alternative is that you are an extrovert and really like to chat You're certainly enlightened - being content in a middle seat, especially on long flights, shows a willingness to allow 'what will be will be'. 

Tags: Travel, Seats, Airlines, Flying

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