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Woman Bites Into Dead Mouse Inside Rice Paper Roll

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A woman was left in shock after she swallowed part of a dead mouse which was wrapped in her rice paper roll.


The Gold Coast mother only realised what she was eating after taking two bites and then tasting fur in the freshly made $5.50 'Summer Chicken' roll on Sunday.

“It was absolutely terrible. It’s like it’s been planted because they hand-make those things — how can a whole animal be inside it?” the woman's daughter Emilie Petrusic told the Gold Coast Bulletin.


The roll was allegedly bought from a major supermarket chain (which we won’t mention) in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast and Ms Petrusic marched her mother straight to the store to complain.

But they say the mouse must have made its way into the roll after the woman left the store.


“If it was in fact inside the roll, that happened after it left the store,” the supermarket said in a statement.

An investigation is now underway by local authorities and the woman is receiving medical checks.


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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Mouse, Supermarket

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