Posted: 30 May, 2014 by Web Guy Brett

15 Weirdest Things Aussies Ask Google

Tags: Google, Search Engine

Chances are that you'll head to Google and search for something that has popped into your mind everyday.

We've tracked down the weirdest things that Aussies ask the search giant, and here's your top 15 Australia!


15. How To Make My Cat Love Me

14. How To Hide A Dead Body

13. Why Does No One Like Nickelback

12. How To Have An Affair

11. Why Do All These Old Bands Keep Copying Glee Songs

10. Why Do Men Have Nipples

9. Why Did I Get Married

8. How Do I Google Something

7. How To Win The Lottery

6. What Would Happen If Antarctica Melted

5. Can Jesus Fly

4. How To Mend A Broken Heart

3. How Do I Clear My Search History

2. Is It Wrong To Sleep With Your Cousin

1. What If We Were Real

Yep. We're a bit weird!

Tags: Google, Search Engine

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