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17 Random Animals That People Actually Consider Food!

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Chicken or beef not doing it for you anymore? Why not try some more “exotic” meats?!

Animals that we might not consider food in Australia are turning up on dinner plates around the world… it’s just another reminder what an amazing and diverse world we live in!

Check out some of our favourites below.

17. Elephant: Mainly hunted for their tusks, elephants also produce around half a tonne of meat. 

16. Gorilla: This endangered species has been traditionally eaten by many African cultures, and it still happens today!

15. Ostrich: This meat is very lean and has even been used in America to make burgers!

14. Frog: Frog sashimi is a fresh frog meal, so fresh in fact that it’s literally killed in front of you and is meant to be consumed immediately!

13. Snail: For those who don’t know, Escargot is a snail dish, often served at rich and fancy dinner parties.

12. Donkey: Donkey meat is served in Italy and is considered quite the treat because of its supposedly delicious taste.

11. Scorpion: Fried scorpion is served as a snack and get this… it tastes like popcorn!

10. Squirrel: Squirrel brains are commonly consumed in America and even considered a delicacy in some parts of Kentucky!

9. Fruit Bats: Fruit bats are popular in Micronesia as part of a soup.

8. Ant: Ants have multiple uses in different cultures, including French chocolate bars and as part of a salad in Copenhagen.

7. Tarantula: These leggy friends are considered a delicacy in some parts of Cambodia.

6. Octopus: The Korean dish below is called Sannakji and it’s octopus that you eat while it’s still alive!

5. Silkworm: These worms are said to have a bitter taste and are usually fried. Apparently when you bite them, their juices pop out!

4. Duck Embryo: This yummy delicacy is typically served in Southeast Asia as a treat called “Balut”.

3. Pigeon: A very popular dish in France, pigeon meat is said to be mild and tender.

2. Rat: Need a boost of protein? Eat a rodent!

1. Cockroach: Roaches are eaten around the world, normally raw or fried. Interestingly, they have a similar taste to shrimp.

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Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Animals, Food

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