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20 Of The Best Photos Of The Year

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We can’t get enough of hilariously bad photos… here are some of the best (or worst!) photos that will make your day!

20. What to do during Facebook outage emergencies…

19. So wrong!


18. Oh dear…

17. Best escalator ever!

16. No you can’t!

15. No comment…

14. Um Paul, that’s not a cat!

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13. For all those OCD chefs out here.

12. Fair enough!

11. LOL!

10. Surely they could have thought of a better shop name! 

9. They have tours now?!

8. We hope that’s not their best work!

7. Worst museum ever!

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6. Dad of the year.

5. Awkward.

4. Thanks Batman, we’ll take it from here.

3. Who said police officers are always serious?!

2. You’ve been warned!

1. One for the mantelpiece.

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Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Photos

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