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20cm Worm Removed From Eye

WARNING: This video may disturb some people

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Warning: This video is as bad as it sounds. Only watch if you legitimately enjoy being grossed out (alternatively, show it so someone you don’t like).

Ouch. This video shows a parasitic worm being removed from an eyeball – and yes the person is conscious.


IFLScience explains:

Loiasis is a condition caused by nematode worms. It is transferred through a deerfly vector and is most likely to occur during the rainy season in the rain forests of West and Central Africa. When the larvae of these roundworms are introduced to the bloodstream, they take a few months to develop into adulthood and can migrate into the eye.”

The side effects? Pain, itching and light sensitivity…and eventually leading to kidney, lung, heart and lymph gland damage. Eeek.

For worm which are easily accessible just under the skin or in the eye, surgery is the easiest way to get rid of them. It’s simple: a little local anesthetic and the doctor can then cut the worm out.

And I thought getting sand in my eye was the worst!

Removing A 19 CM Long Worm From Mans Eye

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Medical, VIdeo, YouTube

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