Posted: 23 July, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Is This The Dumbest Thing We've Ever Seen Someone Do On A Train?

Check out the shocking video here.

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A man stunned onlookers when he jumped on top of a moving train - and it was captured on video.

The shocking video shows the man standing over a tunnel listening for an oncoming train when he leaps up and makes a dramatic leap  towards the roof of the speeding Parisian train. 

Luckily he lands on the train's roof but then stumbles. He's then seen gleefully celebrating in the street.

"It didn't go as expected but I did it and I am living. There are still some things to improve, it has to be done again.." the man, known as Mister Puma said in online comments. 

Mister Puma also explained to the Daily Mail that he was a professional stuntman with experience in acrobatics and martial arts; he said he had been training for the stunt for months. 

Naturally, we need to stress this is NOT something that anyone should be attempting and we encourage everyone to act responsibly around trains at all times. 

The video was uploaded on YouTube over a week ago and has been viewed thousands of times - creating speculation that it may lead to copycat attempts with fatal consequences. 

Let's hope this doesn't become a trend in Australia *shudders*. 

Man Jumps on top of Moving Metro Train in Paris


Tags: Trains

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