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Lonely Guy Makes Girlfriend Out Of Shower Head

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Ok, so Tinder might not be working out for you but there are plenty of other ways to meet people, right? Well this guy has taken dating to a whole other level!

Clearly lonely and unable to find an appropriate  companion, he decided to date his shower head… after turing it into a girlfriend first of course!

According to imgur, ARuFa doesn’t have a girlfriend.

This is his previously boring shower.

But with these creepy supplies, he will turn boring into a girlfriend. 

Here’s the face…

The dress…

And the size-adjustable breasts.

 Almost done!

This will give her a more natural skin tone.

Can’t forget the eyes!

Now the wig.

Ta-da… a girlfriend!  

There were some issues in the beginning…

But after some adjustments, she’s perfect!

What a cute couple!



They even eat together!

Living happily ever after.

Source/Photos: imgur

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Girlfriend, Lonely, Tinder

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