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Man Opens Up About Relationship With Plastic Surgery Addicted Twins

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Perth identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who spent over $240,000 on plastic surgery to look more alike, have captured the heart of not two but one man, 31-year-old Ben Byrne.

The trio, who have been together for 18 months, hit it off after the girls added on him Facebook. And although it was difficult at first, the electrical mechanic quickly learnt how to balance the demands of two girlfriends.

“…To be honest it's very difficult because it has to be 100 per cent even. Whatever I do for one I have to do for the other, so it's a fine balance. My mates reckon it's a cool problem to have,” Byrne told Woman's Day.

But most importantly, the fitness enthusiast has the seal of approval from the girls’ mother Jeanna, with whom they’ve all been living for 10 months. 

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In response to the most common question the DeCinque girls are asked, “How does one guy keep up with two girls in the bedroom?”

“Put it this way, we're very active girls and he needs twice the energy,” Lucy said.

Ben, who has been dubbed ‘The Chosen One’ by the twins, is probably more open to the unconventional relationship because he is himself a twin, which leaves us wondering… why don’t they share?!

The girls made headlines around the world when it was revealed they’d spent $240,800 on cosmetic procedures to look more alike, including lip fillers, breast implants, and fake eyebrows and eyelashes.

And the similarities don’t end there… the pair also share a job, a car and a Facebook account!

Source: Woman’s Day 

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Twins, Facebook, Woman's Day

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