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Sex Spreadsheet: The Lady's Response

Farting, Sweat and Bad Foreplay - The Hilarious Reply Every Woman Will Love!

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A sexually frustrated husband recently made headlines when he, claiming he didn’t get enough sex, made a spreadsheet of his wife’s “excuses”. However, there are two sides to every story. 

More so, as every lady will tell you, there are legitimate reasons we might not be digging you all the time. Farting, bad breath, sweat and lack of effort (no a nudge in the back at midnight is NOT foreplay!) do not make for a saucy evening. 

Lucky for us, The Funny Sister  has created an epic response from the lady’s perspective.

The brilliant response also takes the form of a spreadsheet – and while it’s not the wife of the original creator – we all agree it’s highly realistic and probably about right. 

From legitimate excuses such as “”Bombed my presentation, So depressed” and “My time of the month, hate this,” to the gleeful “OMG did he finally figure out foreplay?” this list will totally put her on your team. 

Love it right? We do. 

See the original post here. 

Check out the husband's original spreadsheet!

Husband Makes Spreadsheet Of Wife’s Excuses For Avoiding Sex

A supposedly sex-deprived husband sent his wife a spreadsheet which documented every time she turned down sex and the excuses she used to get out of it.

Tags: Funny, Trending, Scoopla

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