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Strangers Photoshop Baby's Photo For Heartbroken Father

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A grieving father has received the Internets most beautiful gifts; a portrait of his daughter, free of the machines that once helped her live.

The tiny girl, named Sophia, passed away last Thursday, with her father posting a simple request on website Reddit over the weekend.

"Since she was in the hospital her whole life, we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes.  Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?"

The response to his heartfelt request was huge, with Redditors posting beautiful photoshopped photos for the grieving father.

Sophia was born on May 30th, but died six weeks later after complications from a hepatic hemangioma.

Since she was born she spent all her life in hospital, hooked up to machines that helped keep her alive.

She was on a waiting list for a liver when she passed away on July 10th.

Sophia's father, Nathen Steffel, told TODAY that his wife teared up when he showed her the tocuhed up photos of their daughter.

"I was overwhelmed with the response I got," he told TODAY Parents.

"My wife and I were so grateful so many people took the time out of their own lives to either send a nice message of sympathy, or any awesome drawing.  They couldn't have made this father any happier."

All images: Reddit (Nathen Steffel/Changing Yang/funkybrewster/izzyzzi

Heartfelt is an Australian volunteer organisation of professional photographers dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families which have experienced stillbirths, premature births, or have children with serious and terminal illnesses.

You can find out more information on this amazing organisation here.

Tags: Photoshop, Reddit

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