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Creative Photographer Takes Adorable Couple Selfies… Without A Girlfriend!

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Keisuke Jinushi

You may remember the lonely guy that made a girlfriend out of a shower head… well this guy is giving him a run for his money! 

Keisuke Jinushi is proudly single but he was so sick of being surrounded by couples taking lovey-dovey photos of themselves, that he decided to do something about it.

The 28-year-old Japanese freelance photographer then began posting photos on his blog and Instagram of what appeared to be his girlfriend. 

Well, it turns out that he staged all of the photos and the “woman” in the photos was actually him. Whatever floats your boat I guess... see how he did it below.

Jinushi calls these photos “hitori dates”, A.K.A. “one man dates.”

These “one man dates” were inspired by all the couples acting mushy in cafes he would visit.

Seeing that, he said, made him realise that he longed for a girlfriend but he didn’t have one.

And he’s been blogging about his girl troubles through his photos ever since.


It may come as no surprise that he’s yet to find his true love.

Jinushi says that his friends have mostly been supportive of his creative project.

His grandmother, however, started to cry when she saw his blog because she thought he was being pathetic.

Jinushi says he still gets embarrassed sometimes while taking the photos, despite being a seasoned pro at “hitori dates.”

"I have to bring a tripod with me. That's embarrassing and my heart still races ," he said.

Jinushi considers his “hitori date” photography an art and is constantly trying new techniques. 

It's important, says Jinushi, for people not to be ashamed of being single. 

Source: Viral Nova / All Images: Keisuke Jinushi

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