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16 Sexy Selfies Gone Hilariously Wrong

A selfie is all good... until it is very, very bad!

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We're all guilty of it: taking a selfie (or let's face it, a LOT of selfies) where you try and look a little sassy, a little sultry and a little sexy.  But sometimes these go terribly, terribly wrong. 


1. How many children are in this pic? 

2. The Job Interview Selfie. 

3. The sexy eyes selfie. 

4. The Hot Chocolate Selfie

4. The Nonchalant-On-The-Train Selfie

5. The "My Kid Taking A Selfie" Sexy Selfie

6. The Hot Mum Selfie

7. The Beware Of Bathrooms Selfie

8. The Literally Toilet Selfie

9. The I Really Shouldn't Have Done This Sefie

10. The Standard Funeral Home Selfie

11. The My Kid's In The Bath Selfie

12. The Mum Selfie

13. The Selfie That Reminds You To Always Check Your Background

14. There's Nothing Sexier Than Loo Paper

15. The "My Dad's In The Background" Selfie

16. The Sexy Grandma Selfie

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Tags: Selfie, Trending, Sexy

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