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19 Cringe-Worthy Proposals Caught On Camera

She should have said no...

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Apart from wedding days and births of children, proposals are one of the most important events in a relationship. It would make sense that everyone involved would want it to be romantic, thoughtful and 100% flawless. Right? 

Unless of course you are these people. Here's 19 cringe-worthy proposals that didn't quite hit the mark.  You're welcome. 

1. Nothing screams romance like wifi! 

2. I think we're moooooving too fast!

3. This is a case where they should have kept the lights on. 

4. Getting your family involved is cute. This family isn't cute though. 

5. I guess we all know who will be doing the housework! 

6. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd prefer a ring. 

7. I'm not sure what's worse, the comic cans or the fact he put photos of her in her underwear up on public. 

8. Romance and destruction of property all in one go!

9. Should have checked the weather forecast...

10. Not going to lie, anything deep fried would win with me!

11. Does something smell weird? 

12. Nailed it!

13. It's the thought that counts. 

14. What if she said no? 

15. Rose petals don't have autocorrect. 

14. But I'm team Coke! 

15. This is just plain cheesy. 

16. The hottest proposal ever!

17. This is weird. And then you realise there was someone there taking the photo. Now it's weirder. 

18. I hope Brittany isn't a punctuation nazi. 

19. That rock is a whopper!


Tags: Proposals, Awkward

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