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20 Creative Costumes For Pregnant Women

'Cause being pregnant is a great opportunity to dress up, right?

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Being pregnant is rad! I mean, you have a whole new person growing inside you. It's also an AMAZING opportunity to dress up in awesome costumes (right?). 

Okay, so many getting dressed-up as a pregnant nun or a beachball isn't the first thing you think of when you think of getting pregnant - but you gotta admit these woman are very, very creative. 

1. Don't tell my Sunday school teacher. 

2. Please don't ever, ever, show your child this photograph. 

3. Nawwww the baby is a pearl. That's cute, isn't it? 

4. Beer belly, baby belly. Both are totes cute, right? 

5. This is disturbingly realistic. 

6. I'm not giving that kid any candy! 

7. I'm pretty sure this is an accurate representation of what's going on in her uterus right now, right? 

8. I get it, the squirrel wants the acorn... Oh wait, no, I don't get it. 

9. There's something about this that's not quite right... is it the headband? 



11. That's meant to be a bun (not a poo). You're welcome. 

12. A Star Wars fan will need to explain this to me. 

13. This is actually a bit cute. 

14. OMG sequins!

15. I'm not sure if ANYONE should wear this!

16. That almost looks realistic. 

17. Babies aren't creepy - but this one is. 

18. Admit it, you had to look a few times. 

19. I think this was meant to be a cute idea. 

20. Unicorns are ALWAYS adorable. It's a rule. 


Tags: costumes, pregnant, odd, trending

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