Posted: 23 September, 2014 by Web Guy Josh

21 Awesome Teachers That Are Too Cool For School

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Making school fun is always going to be a challenge… so teachers are now finding some pretty interesting ways to make kids pay attention in class.

Check out some of the coolest teachers that are hell-bent on keeping things fresh in the classroom…

1. It's the only way...

2. Not sure that's gonna work

3. Impressive!

4. The advantages of a science classroom.

5. Best burn ever!

6. See... teachers love memes too!

7. And we thought we were so discreet.

8. Will this be the next big movement?

9. Now THAT'S how you use a Titanic reference lol!

10. Write that one down kids.

11. Questioning the teacher can pay off after all...

12. That's one way to motivate kids!

13. Too cool for school.

14. The power of Bohemian Rhapsody

15. Um... ok.

16. Ninja VS wizard... looks like the wizard wins this one.

17. This teacher clearly isn't a fan of the Biebs.

18. Science and Lady Gaga... who would have thought.

19. Ouch... that's harsh!

20. Now THAT'S a yearbook photo!

21. Best whiteboard ever!


Tags: Scoopla, Teachers, School, Kids, Trending

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