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And The Winner For Best Gumtree Ad EVER Goes To…

The Guy Forced To Sell Most Prized Possessions By “Cruel Wife”

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“One man's trash is another man's treasure”… that’s why Gumtree is so great. But it would seem that not every seller is happy to part ways with their “trash”…

A man from Huskisson, NSW recently posted an ad for his Yamaha motorbike on the classifieds site… but this was no ordinary ad.

Jules Merrick and Sophie chatted to Justin who posted the Gumtree ad… when asked about his wife’s decision to get rid of his prized possessions he said “I’ve got this massive thumb print in the middle of my forehead at the moment (he jokes)… she’s a tough one”

Sophie Monk asked “because of your tactic have you had an overwhelming response?”

“We sorta did it as a joke, I was kinda thumbing my nose up at the Mrs” said Justin.

Merrick asked whether there was anything he would like to sell of his wife’s to which he responded, “I’d have to cut her arm off to get her ring off her hand!… I’ve got my work cut out for me… you’ve gotta love ‘em don’t you!”.


“Wife making me sell my bike!! She had a go at me telling me i wasn't making a serious effort to sell it and told me to list it here on Gumtree and at least post pictures of it so it will sell………,” he wrote.

So he did just that, except that his description and photos didn’t exactly make the best sales pitch:

“Its a piece of crap probably won't run even if you push it, wheels may fall off upon first ride, has no petrol so you can get stuffed and get your own, very dirty don't like it clean it yourself!”



You can see the full ad here.

And it gets better… the next day, he posted another of his most prized possessions “against his will”, this time a Lamborghini electric golf cart.

“Ok There is a theme developing here and its that i may have the most cruel wife in the country possibly the world??,” the ad reads.

Once again, his description probably isn’t very enticing, which clearly is his exact goal.

“In short its a rust bucket piece of imported rubbish that is surely to annoy all those who drive it and anyone who has the complete misfortune of owning it would surely agree with me.”


You can see the full ad here

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