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10 Things You Didn't Know About Solo-Sex!

We all do it - here's why we should do it more!

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Tossing the salad, choking the chicken, petting the kitty... however you call it there's no escaping the fact that masterbating it a totally normal part of life - and not just for horny teenagers or lonesome single women. 


Here's ten facts that challenge the way we think about solo-sex 

It causes no harm, what so ever.

“Masturbation causes neither physical nor psychological harm. Forget everything you ever heard about hair on the palms, mental health problems, or anything else.”

The only problem is when you feel guilty – which you shouldn’t. There is a slight risk of damaging your tender down-there skin if you use toys – but a good lube should prevent this. 

It can help you learn about sex.

Solo-sex is a key to sex therapy for a variety of problems – notably women who have never reached climax and men who have problems with being a little bit, ahem, ahead of themselves.


It doesn’t “use you up”.

You’re not granted a certain number of orgasms for life – or even per day. There’s no limit to the number of orgasms anyone can reach per day – but there might be a number you prefer, want or just have time for.

For men – it doesn’t use up your sperm either – your body is always hard at work making sperm and semen.

It doesn’t “ruin you”

Ladies sometimes worry using toys might make them less sensitive to other forms of stimulation – this is not the case either. And, no, despite how good it might be, you can’t get “addicted” to your vibrator.

It has health benefits!

Yep, it's actually good for you! Benefits include: increasing orgasms, improving sleep, increasing self-esteem,reducing stressm releasing sexual tension, relieving menstrual cramps and strengthening muscle tone. Boom!

Using toys is totally normal.

Love Pharmacy interviewed 7000 Australian women and found that 72 per cent of all ages admitted to using pleasure products. Yep, that means most of us are employing a little help to spice things up. 

Strange thoughts are normal too.

It’s totally normal to think about things that you wouldn’t discuss in polite company – and even things you might not even be willing to try in reality. It actually can give you an opportunity to entertain certain ideas that you might not be confident suggesting to someone else!


It's good for couples!

Some people say “You can’t love somebody until you love yourself” and that’s totes appropriate here. 

Just because you’ve seen Madonna in concert doesn’t mean you don’t still enjoy her CDs, right? Just because a person is in a relationship it doesn’t mean a person does or should feel the need to stop masturbating.

Solo sex is fun, easy and free of responsibilities, compromises and demands – why would anyone give that up?

It needen't cause problems in relationships. 

Some people, women in particular, view masturbation as infidelity – which can cause problems. It’s important couples talk to each other about what masturbation means to them.

Note to women threatened by lovers’ masturbation: If you tell him you disapprove, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll stop. He’ll just do it in secret and lie about it. Is that what you want? My advice: Accept his solo sex. It's no reflection on you or on your relationship. It's simply a way men self-soothe.

But what if I really am worried?

Despite all of the above – there can be issues if people become obsessed or prefer solo-loving over relations with their partner.

In these cases it’s important to consult a sex therapist.

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