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This Guy Recreates Girls’ Tinder Profile Pics And The Results? Hilarious!

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As if we needed more reasons not to take Tinder seriously, this guy’s take on the dating app’s profile pictures is genius!

Australian blogger Jarrod Allen, known as Tindafella, has become an internet sensation with his hilarious profile picture recreations of girls he comes across on Tinder

Check out some of his best impersonations below and see why he’s doing us Aussies proud… well kind of…

Instagram Sexy and we know it Cookie Monster Spots v stripes Instagram Our milkshakes bring all the swipe rights to the yard... Insta: tindafella #tinder #tindafella #single #gotmilk #shivermetinder Wrap it up #tindafella #safesex Some serious napplidge... Cold out?#tindafella #tinderfail #shivermetinder #coldout Bottoms up... Thanks for letting me bare a small portion of my opinion of #tinder today @cosmoaustralia this one is for you. #tindafella Bet he gave her the sword.... If you know what I mean #tinder #tindafella #livebythesword Yep I'd say she's pretty well done...alright #tindafella #nowords #dueforone

For more of Jarrod’s great recreations, check out his blog and Instagram.

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Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Tinder, Jarrod Allen, Instagram

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