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Top 20 Adventurous Places People Have Sex To Keep The Spark Alive

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Most people doing the deed will know that after a while, things can get a little repetitive in the bedroom… so why not switch things up a bit?

If you and your partner are interested in spicing up your love life, while living a little on the wild side, perhaps you could try one (or all!) of the top 20 unusual places to have sex…

DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk!

1. On a roof top. 

2. At a church. 

3. In the snow.

4. At a major tourist attraction.

5. In a car with passengers.

6. On a boat.

7. In front of a large window.

8. At a major sports game.

9. At work.

10. At a wedding. 

11. On a balcony.

12. On a motorcycle.

13. On a beach.

14. In a car park. 

15. At the movies.

16. At a hospital.

17. Under the bed.

18. Under a waterfall.

19. On a golf course. 

20. At a concert.


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