Posted: 23 January, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

11 Mortifying Break-Up Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life

Break-ups are the worst... but sometimes they make the BEST stories!

When our friends over at Shazam Top 20 asked their listeners for their break-up stories they didn't know what they had coming.

Here's just a small, anonymous, sample of the worst break-up stories we've recieved! 

Cheated on him, with him!

"My ex cheated, and knew I knew. So I had the ingenious idea of cheating on him with his twin brother. Little did I know, his brother told him and so I slept with who I thought was the brother, but was actually my boyfriend!"

50 Shades of No Way!

“I once dated a guy because I heard he was a dominatrix master in the bedroom. Anyway…things progressed to that point and I was hanging for what he had in store. He had draws and draws of toys, and no idea what to do with them. He thought he did but it was the un-sexiest thing you've ever seen . On top of that his stamina was shocking."

What's up G?  

"My ex always complained about his undies, so as a joke I brought him a male g-string. It was definitely my bad as from then on he was slipping me money to buy him g-strings, especially women's as they felt so 'right'."

I'm so psychic. 

"One night I dreamt my ex and I went to Dreamworld together and his ex (who he cheated on me with) was there, he told me he loved her and not me.. next day I told him about my dream and he told me I was silly!

"I then told his cousin and she turned around and said oh how did you know he went to Dreamworld to see her.... then and there, he was CAUGHT!!"

Mum's the word. 

"Ex-boyfriend's mother stalks me and my family to convince me to take him back! Including: - chasing me out of a shop - putting her feet under my tyres so I couldn't drive away - telling my dad I needed to go back to ex-boyfriend so I stopped 'sleeping around'"

Butt no!

“After I broke up with my Ex he contacted me and tried to convince me that I was the only person he trusted and wanted me to "put things in his butt"... Ewww.

Dumped by the concierge!

"My ex went through my phone when we were on holidays and saw some messages between me and a family friend. He disappeared I go to the lobby and I'm told by the receptionist "if your looking for Anthony he has asked me to tell you it's over"

Thigh gap fill in. 

“Boyfriend cheated said I was fat and had no thigh gap. He loved his car to death.So with Selleys No Gap I filled in all the cars crevices (doors, bonnet- EVERYTHING) and wrote on the windshield 'how's this for a thigh gap?'.

European Nightmare! 

“We landed in London after travelling from Australia. Had a one month trip planned. Four hours after landing while at her friends house, she decided to end the relationship. Still travelled for 8 days together before I left. In that time she slept with the tour bus driver. Not the ideal holiday…”

Wet Dreams... 

“ I was woken in the middle of the night to my then bf getting changed. I rolled over and thought 'why is the bed wet?', and then 'why is the side of pants wet?'. He had wee'd on me in his sleep!!”

 Visa Run!

“I was in a long distance relationship and 6 months later he wanted to get married. We broke up. 2 weeks later he was married to someone else. He had just met her.”

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