Posted: 7 January, 2015

13 Reasons You Should Visit A Theme Park This Summer!

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You don’t really need to be convinced to go to a theme you! But here are 13 reasons that will make you want to go to one this summer.

1) It’s Summer and hot…therefore this is the perfect place to be!

2) Taking hilarious photo’s on rides!

3) Wearing what ever you want and no one looks twice at you...

4) Mini Golf…

5) The hot dogs are so bad they are AMAZING!

6) So you can tell people you went on this….

7) Make your friends on Instagram jealous.

8) Churros.

9) Having this slide, determine who is the superior friend. 

10) Watching people you don’t know lose their minds..

11) THIS….

12) Watching disappointed people walking away from rides they are too short to get on.

13) Feeling like this at the end of the day!

Tired Animated GIF


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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Summer

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