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Byron Bay's Real-Life Mermaid Reveals Herself

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Kazzie Mahina is the closest thing to a real-life mermaid you can find.

The 37-year-old from Byron Bay can hold her breath underwater for five minutes, and is absolutely in love with the ocean.

Mahina also is now featuring in ad campaigns, film clips and performing all over the world with her unique ability.

She is also the founder of Mahina Mermaid, a company that creates mermaid tails called 'Merfins' for children and adults.  The tails allow the wearer to glide through the water like an underwater creature.

Mahina told Daily Mail Australia that she's loved the ocean for as long as she can remember.

"I've loved the water as long back as I can remember and I just always felt a sense of being at home.  I feel at peace and connected mostly to myself... I just remember having that feeling ever since I was little," she said.

She also wants to get the message out about conservation, and frequently takes part in beach clean ups in conjunction with Tangaroa View Ocean Society.

"I want to inspire children by educating them about the natural world they live in, and their responsibilities as stewards of the Earth and our oceans," she revealed to Media Animal TV.

"I also really want to inspire them to get back outside and get dirty and play and imagine and dream... just disconnect from the electronic world and be in the real world sometimes too."

Meet a real-life Mermaid! - MATV

Tags: Byron Bay, Mermaid

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