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Dad’s Heartfelt & Powerful Message To Daughter’s Racist Bullies

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A father has taken a stance against bullying with an emotional video where he calls out his daughter’s bullies and wants them to “own” what they did.

Minnesota dad Bradley Knudson and his wife adopted their African-American daughter Deidra 11 years ago and she has never experienced racism directly until now.

In the video posted to YouTube, Knudson says Deidra had a friend over for New Year’s Eve last year and the bullying started after the girls began sending Snapchats to their friends.

Two twin brothers who were hanging out with a girl who doesn’t like Deidra began sending hurtful videos, where they call her a “sl*t”, a “fat a** b**ch,” and use racial slurs.

Knudson even plays one of the horrible Snapchats, which he had recorded on his phone.

After trying to get in touch with the boys’ family, the police were called and eventually they were tracked down.

Knudson got no sympathy from the twins’ father, who was equally as racist and used homophophic slurs in voicemails, which were also played in the video.

It has been reported that the boys’ father has since lost his job over the incident. 

And it looks like her father’s efforts have paid off because Deidra and her parents have received an outpouring of support from the local community and worldwide.

Deidra’s school is also investigating the incident, saying “We do not tolerate racism, harassment or bullying of any kind.”

WARNING: The video contains some coarse language.

Racism and bullying in Prior Lake Minnesota

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