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NSFW: Take A Look At ‘The Largest Fake Boobs In The World!’

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A woman is claiming to have the “largest augmented breasts in the whole universe” and yes, they’re as ridiculously shocking as you’d expect!

Petite German porn star Beshine, also known as Mayra Hills, couldn’t be more proud of her mighty 10,000-cc rack, which requires a 32Z bra, with each breast weighing over nine kilograms!

Understandably, the adult model’s bras and most of her clothing is custom made and she often gets in trouble in stores for ruining tops she’s tried on.

“I already had several store owners who wanted money from me for the tops I tried on even if I didn’t want to buy them,” Behsine writes in her blog.

“They told me after I tried them on that they were baggy and worn out.”

And the problems don’t end there… Beshine says her enormous assets “have their own kind of mind” and are sometimes out of her control.

“My boobs stick out so much that I often knock over things,” she lamented about having dinner with some friends recently.

“This time they knocked over two bottles of precious wine.”

“My boobs move a little bit slower now but when they start to move nothing can stop them and they will knock over mostly everything around me.

But despite her claim, the impressive rack isn’t actually recognised by the Guinness World Records - that honour belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner who has the “largest natural breasts” at 48V.

For those of you interested in checking out, er, a little more of Miss Beshine, take a look at her blog - but be warned it is very NSFW!


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