Posted: 5 January, 2015 by Tash

Teen Wakes During Brain Surgery

This Has To Be The Worst Surgery Nightmare Ever!

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This has gotta be everyone's worst nightmare! A teenager in Poland has woken up during an operation to remove a cancerous growth from her brain!

Parts of her skull had been removed, and surgeons were mid-way through the procedure.

She didn't freak out though, instead she decided to have a chat with the operating team.

First up, she wanted to know how the op was going... so asked the busy surgeons! What happened next is the best part... she then started chatting with them about cats.

‘I can’t remember much but the doctor said he talked to me about cats, which I love.’

Obviously, it's not the norm... but doctors say it is possible that the brain surgery caused neurones to trigger which could have woken her up, but investigators are are looking into whether the anaesthetic was administered incorrectly.

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Story, Hospital

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