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Why Being Married To Yourself Could Be The Next Big Thing

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Sick of going on painful dates and still yet to find "the one?" Well take a leaf out of this lady's book and marry yourself!  

Yasmin Eleby from Texas couldn't lock in that one special guy before she turned the big 4-0, so she took matters into her own hands, quite literally!

Yasmin Eleby recently married herself in a beautiful candlelight ceremony at the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) on Saturday, January 3, 2014. Family and friends were in attendance to support Yasmin Eleby who is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. in marrying herself. Yasmin Eleby promised herself that if she hadn't found a mate by the time she was 40, she would marry herself, and she kept her promise. Yasim chose to have one of her sisters who is also a minster, help her say vows, in a spiritual ceremony - because you can't legally marry yourself in America. She says the best part of her special day was having her family there to "stand up" for her. Her other three sisters were bridesmaids and her mom gave her away; or back to herself in this case. Details on how this union was consummated will remain private, but Yasmin loves to travel. She plans to visit Cambodia, Laos, and the jazz festival in Dubai this year, her extensive plans will serve as a honeymoon.

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We reckon she's on to something, so here's the top 7 reason's being married to yourself is so 2015! 


You've got complete control of the remote. Just think you'd be able to smash out a girls marathon, as you down a bag of chips laying on the lounge with NO judgement. 


You don't have to pick a side of the bed, because girlfriend it's all yours. And don't even stress about those fake tan stains that have become a permanent imprint, you can actually enjoy falling asleep to the smell of coconut infused sheets. 


That brand new top wasn't on sale? You spent a months wage on those must have shoes? Well honey don't stress, because you deserve it. No really! You said so. 


Worried about what your parents will think of your partner? Well stress less, because they love YOU already. 


Too polite to let one rip in front of your life partner? Well say goodbye to the discomfort of holding on because what YOU do in your downtime is perfectly fine. 


Worried about what sort of ring you'll be lumped with, ugh nightmare! But you don't have to give it another thought, because you know your own taste, you like a LARGE, LARGE rock. 


YOU'RE ALWAYS RIGHT. End of story. Can't argue with that.

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