Posted: 7 January, 2015 by Amy Goggins

Wife Turns To Ebay To Sell Husband's Travel Ticket After He Dumped Her Via A Note

Tags: Ebay, Ex-Husband

24 year old Queensland woman Sarah-Jane recently came home from work to find her husband had packed up his things, leaving just a note on the bed, ending their relationship.

It came just weeks before the pair jetted off to Bali on a luxury holiday.

So what's a girl to do? She's taken to eBay, to auction for a new partner to take her ex's ticket!

"I'm in need of an awesome travel partner who wants to experience it all" the ad says.

Included in the package is waterfront accommodation, and "many many pub crawls" during the February trip, which was meant to be a surprise for her husband

While don't be getting any ideas, she says it's purely a platonic trip.Bidding closes on Friday and bids have already pushed past $1500.

Tags: Ebay, Ex-Husband

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