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There's Something Very Different About These Dolls - Can You See It?

Barbie gets a makeover!

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An Aussie artist’s transformation of Bratz dolls is inspiring artists all over the world.

Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh launched “Tree Change Dolls” last year – a project which gives Bratz dolls make-unders, making them more realistic and less-sexualised. 

“I decided to restyle the faces of the dolls by removing the factory paint from the dolls and repainting them by giving them make-unders and a more down to earth style,” she explained on her website.

She rescues the dolls from secondhand shops, repaints their faces and her mum sets them new, more wholesome outfits.

Her project, which is posted on her Tumblr account gained fans globally – including UK artist Bee Hale.

“It’s not just for girls, it’s for all children,’ she explained to Metro. ‘We are also trying to de-sexualise these overly made up dolls, to make them more acceptable for children to play with.

“I make dolls more acceptable for children and ensure that they send the right message to girls that you don’t have to look like the manufacturers say you do,” she added.

Here is one of the next group of Tree Change Doll I will have available in my Etsy shop on Mon 26th Oct at 10pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

A photo posted by Sonia Singh Tree Change Dolls (@treechangedolls) on

Do you think kids toys should be made more realistically? 

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