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Public Outrage After A Girl With Down Syndrome Was Edited Out Of A School Yearbook

“It was humiliating for them…”

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After parents reportedly complained that their yearbook was ‘ruined', a school in Moscow has edited a girl with Down Syndrome out of a school photo.

The school has put out a request this week for parents to return the newly printed class album which is reportedly “pompously glossy, with all kinds of poetry about school, friendship and mutual understanding, with pages separated by parchment paper,” according to a teacher.

Masha, 7-years-old, is not a student in the class but is the daughter of their teacher, Olga Sinayeva. She sits with the fourth-graders as Olga, a single mum, has nobody with whom to leave her. Masha has been accepted to start regular school next year.

Olga explained “she doesn’t get in anybody’s way. Masha practically lives in this class, tries to interact, hugs everyone, she is kind and defenseless  but children shrink away from her.”

Parents of at least five students have reportedly had their children transferred to other classes to avoid sitting in the room with Masha.

“The reason why children were asked to return this album is simple: Many parents can't stand the photograph of the girl, Masha, who has Down Syndrome… next to their children,” Olga said.

It’s unfortunate that some of these parents have been unable to be compassionate and treat Masha equally regardless of her adversity.

There have been some incredibly successful and talented people with Down Syndrome in the world. Take Australia’s Madeline Stuart for example – the 18-year-old model is changing society’s perceptions of beauty, and even walked the runway at New York Fashion Week.


Madeline Stuart Catwalk appearance 2 at NYFW

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Tags: school, yearbook, photo, down syndrome, disability

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