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This Street Harassment Social Experiment Has Got Everyone Talking

Would you step in?

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How would you react if you saw someone being shamed in the street for their choice of clothes?

That’s what YouTube pranksters TrollStation decided to find out. In a video released this week they tested the public’s reaction to slut-shaming in two different scenarios. 

The video has since gone viral, with many people mistaking the staged clip for a real-life incident. But while the scenarios were fake, the public’s reactions were real.

Slut Shaming Social Experiment

In the first scenario TrollStation actress Amina is yelled at by an actor in a suit who calls her a prostitute and criticises her choice of clothing. A group of girls in the area very quickly step in and start defending her.

The second scenario is more uncomfortable to watch, as Amina is yelled at by another male actor who again calls her a prostitute. Although there is a large group of people watching, most decline to get involved. 

However, things take a turn when another woman appears and starts defending Amina, before glassing the man in the head with a bottle. This woman is also a TrollStation actress, but no one watching was aware of this. It is only at this stage that more people start to get involved. The prank ends abruptly when the police appear.

Were you surprised that so few people intervened? Or did the video go too far?

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Tags: street harassment, slut-shaming, viral, trollstation

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