Posted: 30 October, 2015 by Carly Heading

Uni Professor Loses It After Someone Yawns In His Class

Maybe he’s the one that needs a nap!

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A video has surfaced online of a University professor catching someone yawning during his lesson…and he isn’t happy!

The video has literally gone viral again; it was first posted in 2010!

It shows the professor teaching and then he immediately stops after he hears the yawn, and is disgusted with the student.

He then tries to find who the secret yawner is; he walks up and down the classroom questioning every student.

Settle down.

Eventually he yells at them all and gives them a lesson on when it is and isn’t polite to yawn.


Maybe that person was awake all night studying?

He even tells them to yawn outside and to not push him to that point again.

Maybe he’s the one that needs a nap!


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