Posted: 11 November, 2015 by Julia

10 Things People Who Are Always Cold Know Are True

I'm already shivering!

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The weather might be heating up, but for those of us who are always cold that makes absolutely no difference to our lives at all!

If you don’t consider it warm unless it’s 40 degrees outside then this list is for you.

1. You always carry a spare jumper everywhere you go. Just in case you get cold.

2. T-shirts and sleeveless tops can only be worn with a cardigan or jacket on top.

3. You wear tights under your skirts and dresses until mid-December

4. It has to be a really hot night for you to throw the doona off your bed. How can you possibly sleep under just a sheet!?

5. You have a personal heater under your desk at work.

6. You won’t get into a swimming pool or swim in the ocean unless it’s the middle of a heatwave. Cold water is your mortal enemy.

7. You wear a hoodie to the beach and will probably spend most of the time there using a towel as a blanket. 

8. You permanently have goosebumps.

9. The slightest breeze makes you shiver.

10. And nothing makes you happier than seeing the sun… from the safety of a nice warm room of course!


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