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Aussie Maccas’ Playgrounds Are Getting An Epic Transformation And We Kinda Wish We Were Kids Again!

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Remember when you were six and Maccas' birthday parties were beyond necessary? Well, the golden arches have just upped the ante by making their playgrounds better than ever before.

The brightly coloured, slightly constricting playgrounds of McDonalds were the shiz back in the day. You probably have memories of waiting for your turn on the slide or waiting until there was enough room for you in the ball pit. 

But now, you can almost hear the crickets and see the tumbleweeds roll across the astroturf as no one, not even the youngins are interested in McDonald's Playlands anymore. 


Maccas are refurbishing their playgrounds in over 80 flagship stores across the nation. They will be transformed into two storey fun zones by the end of this year. 

McDonald's Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Lollback said: “McDonald’s became famous for its playlands 30 or 40 years ago. I think as McDonald’s has grown up there were times we focused more on premium and the like. When we last refurbished we still put them in but didn’t make them a feature — we modernised at the expense of big, big playlands. Nowadays pubs have playlands, council parks have them, I think McDonald’s has a responsibility to deliver playlands like no one else.”

Really all we can hope is that they've built these things sturdy enough so that us adults can enjoy those cheeky Maccas' runs that little bit more.


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