Posted: 19 November, 2015 by @SohanJudge

Disneyland Could Be Heading Down Under!

*heavy breathing*

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Could the speculation be true? Will Australia get its own Disneyland? We’ve got the details!

Chinese company, the Wanda Group, is reportedly in talks with the state government about potentially building a multi-billion dollar attraction in Coomera, Gold Coast.

Apparently they want the project to rival Dreamworld and Movie World.

The Wanda Group’s general manager, Xie Hong, revealed that a large focus of the company is theme parks, sparking rumours that we could see a second Wonderland or even Disneyland pop up in the Gold Coast.

“Wanda in Australia has already acquired the biggest cinema company in the country and theme parks are one of the things Wanda wants to invest in in the future,” Xie Hong said to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Coomera MP Michael Crandon is on board with the idea, saying it will boost tourism. “I will bet other theme parks in the area will want this because it will bring more people.”

Fingers crossed, people!

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