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Embarrassing Viral Photo Inspires Bullied Teenager To Lose Weight

He looks INCREDIBLE!!!

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You guys might remember this photo of Conor Doyle going viral a couple years ago. The embarrassment and bullying that derived from it motivated the teenager to make a huge change in his life. 

One night in 2013 Conor Doyle went to a youth disco in Dublin, where he got photographed with his friends. 

It wasn't long, however, before the photo was posted up on 'Embarrassing Nightclub Photos' Facebook page and went viral. 

In unfortunate Internet form, the bullying was persistent and extremely cruel. 

In an interview with Newstalk 106-108fm, Conor said:

"You can't really be fine, and anyone who says they're fine is lying. I consider myself relatively strong mentally, but that hurt and it's hard to deal with. It's not easy."

According to Conor, this was the wake-up call he needed to make a change in his life but ultimately his health. He was advised by doctors to take part in a sponsored weight loss programme that changed his eating habits and gave him an exercise routine. 

VIDEO: Dublin teenager sheds 3.5 stone after cyber-bullying incident

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Embarassing, Bullied, Teenager, Overweight

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