Posted: 2 November, 2015 by Zoe

Mother Shamed After Getting Caught Stealing Kid’s Halloween Candy

Chocolate thief!

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Unlike the Easter Bunny who brings chocolate to children, this mum decided to become the Halloween Bunny and steal ALL the chocolate! 

A couple in the US knew they were going to be away over Halloween, but not wanting to leave trick-or-treating kids empty handed, they left boxes filled with chocolates outside their house with a note saying:

“Help yourself but be considerate!” 

The couple then set up secret surveillance cameras as a bit of a social experiment to see how much chocolate people thought was alright to take. 

Most of the kids took a couple of chocolate bars and moved on…and then, along came a mum who felt it was cool to CLEAN OUT ALL THE BOXES! 

Take a look: 

Not cool Mother Bunny. Not cool. 



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