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16 Signs You Nailed The 90s

How many of these do you recognise?

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What were you up to in the 1990s?

There was so much going on in this amazing decade. But here are 16 signs that you totally nailed the 90s.

1. You woke up and your Tamagotchi was still alive



2. You had a Bad Girl school bag on your back


3. And rocked butterfly clips in your ‘Rachel’ haircut


4. And you smelt like this


5. You had enough lunch money left over to get one of these after school


6. Your mood ring let you know you were feeling good

7. You managed to record an awesome mix tape off Rick Dee’s top 40 show


8. You nailed a trick on this


9. Your bestie came on MSN Messenger even though you didn’t call her on the home phone and ask her to


10. Your artwork was shown on Agro’s Cartoon Connection


11. You managed to keep a balanced diet according to this


12. You had a ying to your yang


13. You didn’t need google because this provided you with all the answers

14. You correctly guessed what picture Mr. Squiggle was drawing


15. Your lips always looked glossy and smelt yummy


16. Your friendship group were destined to be because you all had your own Spice Girl


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Tags: 90s, 1990s, flashback, spice girls, lipsmackers, tamagotchi

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