Posted: 20 November, 2015 by Julia

The Victoria Police Just Shut Down A Facebook Party In Epic Fashion

Sorry lads!

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What happens when you’re a young person planning a beach party? You make a public event about it on Facebook of course! 

That’s what three lads from Victoria did with their upcoming gathering on the beach in the Mornington Peninsula town of Rye. 

The event was titled "Beach gath, rye, Friday night, BYO". 

But unfortunately for them, someone informed the police about the party plans.  And the Victoria Police decided to use their official Facebook account to comment on the event.

They wrote, “Thanks for the invite Lleam, Tyson and Lochie. Rosebud police will definitely be attending! PS. Did you remember to get your permits from Mornington Peninsula Shire Council?” 

While the Facebook event description did initially make reference to alcohol and instructed guests to eat before they arrived, it has now been completely stripped clean of all party details. 


Three cheers for the Victoria Police – they handled this with a cheeky comment that achieved exactly what they set out to do.

Update: The event has now been completely removed. 

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