Posted: 6 November, 2015 by Uce

There Is Now A Pill You Can Buy To Stop You From Taking So Many Selfies

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We all have that one selfie-obsessed friend, and if you don't, you are that friend. Usually, you just hang back and let them do their thing. But trust us, you won't be doing that anymore. 

We introduce to you... the 'Anti-Selfie Pill'. states:

"Anti-Selfie Tabs can help relieve the symptoms of constant selfie taking, however, unfortunately, there is no known cure to stop people taking selfies, but Anti-Selfie Tabs can actually help this problem as they may finally get the hint when they receive a box of them!" 

Let's just hope your selfie-taking friend has a great sense of humour, because otherwise this is going to be a super awkward present giving situation... 

Something tells us that are going to have to triple their staff if they're going to make all the order requests by Christmas... 

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