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This Is Why Women Started Shaving Their Armpits

It's all thanks to marketing and advertising!

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If you’re a women, you’ve probably shaved your armpits at some stage in your life. 

You might shave them every day, you might shave them once a week, or you might be au naturel. Perhaps you’ve even had all your hair lasered off so you don’t have to think about your armpits at all.

To go out...or stay in? 😉💋 #Decisions

But have you ever stopped and wondered why women actually shave their armpits, when men don’t?

Well it turns out we can thank marketing and advertising for convincing women that their armpit hair was unsightly.

Back in the early 20th century women did not generally shave their underarms. Of course they also wore dresses that completely covered their arms and necks, so it wasn’t like anyone was seeing what was growing under all that fabric.

But fashions started to change, and in 1915 sleeveless dresses were declared the ultimate style trend. It didn’t take too long for ads for deodorants and razors to appear, featuring ladies with super smooth armpits.  The women of the world took note and started trimming and removing their underarm hair. 

Of course there have been some very famous exceptions to the cleanly shaven rule over the years!

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This video explains it all:

Why did women start shaving their armpits?

When it comes to body hair, you should always do whatever makes you happy. 

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Tags: armpits, underarms, shaving, history

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