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This Man Went To Extreme Lengths To Give This Autistic Boy His Very First Haircut

He really went above and beyond

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This hairdresser went above and beyond to help this autistic boy be comfortable enough for his very first haircut. 

It is known that people with autism, children especially, can struggle opening up and trusting new people, as they don't cope well with change. So, even something as simple as your average haircut can turn things around and upside down for them. 

Young Mason from Briton Ferry, Wales, experienced this trauma the other day when he went to receive his first ever haircut. 

Numerous hairdressers attempted to cut his hair, but none were successful as endless tears and frustration came from poor Mason. 

Enter James Williams, a barber from the salon who knew that this required some serious out of the box thinking. He decided that he had to literally get on Mason's level. 

James Williams - Profile Pictures | Facebook

After a few failed attempts, James slowly earned Mason's trust. In fact, Mason ended up just playing games during the haircut, without a care in the world! 

Now James helps spread autism awareness through his Facebook account which is currently gaining a huge following. 

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