Posted: 16 November, 2015 by Carly Heading

This Picture Can Trick Your Brain And Make You See It In Colour!

This is so cool!

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This is so weird and so cool all at the same time!!

The new BBC Four series, Colour: The Spectrum of Science has left us all scratching our heads with this one…

 When you stare at the dot in the middle of the screen long enough, somehow our brain recalls the image and when the image switches to black and white you can see it in full colour.

Apparently it has something to do with our cone cells, one of the two types of photoreceptors in our eye's retina, which are responsible for colour vision.

If that doesn’t make sense don’t stress!

Watch the video below.

Try to keep your eyes focused after the image switches, otherwise it won’t have the full effect! 

Trick your brain: black and white photo turns to colour! - Colour: The Spectrum of Science - BBC

It worked for all of us and the whole office is freaking out! 

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