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This Snake Reminded Us How Frightening Nature Is When It Ate Its Way Out Of ANOTHER SNAKE

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For those of you who are terrified of snakes already, we apologise... because this is going to triple any fear you already have. 

Some lucky person was able to capture this rare moment of a black snake EATING its way out of a brown snake. Yep, apparently they can eat their way out of being eaten themselves. 

Dominique Salverstrin posted this image onto Australia Zoo's Facebook page last week, 

"Hi Australia Zoo, this photo was taken 2 weeks ago on my family's property in Griffith, NSW. Both snakes were dead at the time, most likely run over. As you can see, the black snake is in the mouth of the brown snake. However, there has been some debate as to whether the brown snake ate the black snake and then a care hit them, or was the black snake being inquisitive and crawled into the mouth of the brown snake and exited through the hole in the brown snake, any ideas?? #Straya"

Her post left experts beyond baffled. Australia Zoo responded, 

"Wow! This is certainly unusual and we have not seen this before. We can't imagine a black snake climbing into another snake but this entire situation is very strange. We would still suggest that the brown one was eating the black one but we will never know for sure."

We would really like some closure on this entire situation. 

If anyone has any ideas, let us know on our Facebook page! 

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