Posted: 12 November, 2015 by Julia

Watch A Golf Hating Kangaroo Chase Some Players Off His Golf Course

Don't mess with a roo!

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Kangaroos are a common sight on some Australian golf courses.

But generally they stay away from the players. Obviously all those golf balls flying everywhere can get a bit dangerous!

However, sometimes the kangaroos try to reclaim their territory. Like this brave roo at Hervey Bay Golf Club in Queensland, who forced two golfers to make a hasty escape in their golf cart. 

The footage is filmed Blair Witch style, which makes it all seem that little bit scarier.

Kangaroo chasing golfers

One of the players, James Macklin, explained on Facebook, “Just clearing it all up about the kangaroo video, me and Connor Reeves who were in the video. We were at Harvey Bay Golf Club about a year ago now. We didn't hit any golf balls at the Roo, I went to have my shot first and it chased me on foot so when Connor went to have his I got my phone out just in case he chased Connor which ended up happening. No harm was caused to the kangaroo![sic]”


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