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We’ve Been Applying Deodorant Wrong Our Entire Lives


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Thought you knew how to use deodorant? You’re probably wrong. With summer coming up, this could be very useful information.

When it comes to personal hygiene, we all have our daily routines. Part of it might involve waking up, having a shower, applying deodorant, getting ready and going on about your day.

Well as it turns out, the morning isn’t the best time to apply deodorant. Clinical experts say you should apply deodorant right before you go to bed.

I know. WTF? 

“But even if I sweat at night, when I shower in the morning everything will wash away,” you say. There’s more to it, folks.


If you apply deodorant at night, it has several hours to be absorbed by your pores. It clogs up the sweat ducts, which means you sweat less at night. Over time, your sweat glands will learn to reduce perspiration. 

When you wake up, your glands will be pre-clogged with anti-perspiring amazingness. Even if you shower, everything will already be absorbed so the good has been done.

I think it’s time to give this one a go.

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